Mentor, A Siemens Business Senior Software QA Engineer - 5464 in Cairo, Egypt

Senior Software QA Engineer - 5464


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: Senior Software QA Engineer - 5464

Job Location: Egypt – Cairo

Job Category: Software Quality Assurance

Job Duties:

• The candidates will explore the field of advanced functional verification techniques for HW digital designs.

• Ability to Lead, and Introduce, Communicate, Defend, Build, Implement and Execute new (QA) concepts for continuous improvement.

• Improvements maybe asked to be coached to get implemented at other functional groups within the division.

• Will orchestrate large remote computing-center GRID OS systems of Linux and Windows for massive parallel runs.

• Develop and maintain test reporting methods, such that test data becomes test information to increase overall design efficiency for the pertinent engineers

• Participate in the SW development and product creation process is the secondary task, as well as participation in the actual test analysis with engineering.

• Sporadic travel may be required to increase communication effectiveness and speed deployment.

Job Qualifications:

• BS/MS. in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering.

• Graduation Grade: A minimum of Very Good

• 3+ years of experience in QA processes.

• Knowledge of Quality Assurance Concepts and SW Testing.

• Knowledge about Testing Strategies, Test Planning and Testing Automation Tools.

• Good Knowledge about Digital/RTL Design Basics is required.

• Good knowledge about any of Hardware Description Languages such as VERILOG, VHDL or System Verilog is required.

• Good knowledge with scripting languages such as Shell/Perl and TCL/TK is a plus.

• Knowledge about Defect Tracking Systems, Configuration Management and Code Profiling Tools.

• Good experience and aptitude with C++ software development.

• Excellent Communication Skills, Self-Motivated Engineer with Good Capability for Continuous Learning.

• Good English writing and speaking skills are a must.

• Prior knowledge of Mentor Graphics Tools such as Simulation, Synthesis, Design Entry or any Functional Verification Flows is a plus