Marriott Hygiene Specialist in Egypt, Egypt


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Job description:-

  • Carry out a Hazard analysis; identify the food safety hazards and the appropriate control measures
  • Determine the critical control points (CCPs)
  • Establish the critical limits for each CCP.
  • Establish monitoring procedures to ensure that the critical limits at each CCP are being met
  • Establish corrective actions to be taken whenever monitoring incident that the critical limits are not being met
  • Verify the HACCP plan and validate the CCPs
  • Ensure that a record keeping systems is in place for traceability and due diligence purpose.
  • Hand washing procedure is followed by the food handlers
  • Gloves are worn whenever ready-to-foods are prepared
  • Hands cuts, sores and infections are covered with blue waterproof dressing and gloves.
  • Nails are short and clean
  • Jewelries are not worn in any food preparation area
  • Uniforms are clean and changed whenever necessary
  • Food handlers adhere to the personal hygiene policy
  • Carry out a full investigation whenever a food complaint is received and procedure report to the General Manager and/or Deputy General Manager
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities, as when and required by your manager.
  • Assist in all areas outside of above, as and when needed and / or requested.
  • Ensure that food/water/ice samples are tested on a monthly basis by an accredited third-party laboratory and reports are kept on file
  • Ensure that food samples are collected in a daily basis from the buffet and functions for 20 people or above
  • Carry out calibration, on a regular basis, for the probe thermometers used by the receiver, kitchen and service associates.
  • Ensure that the results are recorded and kept on file
  • Coordinate the participation of the food handlers towards the essential food safety training program required by the local authority
  • Ensure that the HACCP records for delivery, sanitation, of fruits and vegetables, storage, food thawing, temperature control for cooking /reheating/ blast chilling/hot holding/display/cold storage/dishwashing/outside catering, are completed on time by the concerned associates, kept on file, reviewed and signed
  • Manage the Supplier Audit program by visiting the food suppliers with coordination of the Purchasing Manager and carry out safety audits within their premises.
  • Complete the Audit report. Advise the suppliers on the areas that require improvement and request them to take appropriate actions within a specific period
  • To provide in-house training for the food handlers
  • To monitor the health condition of food handlers and to arrange medical examination or suspension of work where necessary.
  • To ensure that the hotel is pest free by monitoring performance of pest control company.


  • B.Sc. of VET Medicine, Food Hygiene Major
  • Post Grad studies in Food Hygiene are recommended.
  • Food Safety , HACCP, ISO 22000 certified
  • Lead Auditor

Job: Food and Beverage & Culinary

Organization: Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Location: EGY-Egypt

Requisition ID: 17001LZ4